Recently, a wonderful friend and colleague of mine shared a blog post asking for “Letters to strangers” (You can read the blog Letters from a stranger here, and have a look around the rest of the blog Finding Cyril to find out more about this truly amazing woman!)

The idea is to write an uplifting letter that can then be given out to support cancer patients, to help them feel supported and comforted and thought of. It’s such a fantastic idea! To think that someone is thinking of you, that you don’t even know, someone you’ve never met and may never meet cares enough to write to you to show their support and attempt to cheer you up! That is amazing. And I was definitely going to be a part of it.

So I started writing, and it didn’t seem to go that well. It just didn’t feel right. I didn’t want to unload my social awkwardness onto a stranger, I wanted to make them feel comfortable.

But the fact of it is, I DO find meeting new people hard, I come across often as shy, and I get nervous when approaching new people to speak to. But this doesn’t come across when you’re writing because you don’t have to physically see who is reading (and dare I say judging *wince*) your work. I don’t know if you’re reading this and more often than not whether you liked it or hated it, and that’s what makes it easy to write.

[*Random side thought* A lot of people would say they don’t judge it but those people would be liars, it is only natural for us to judge everything we read and see, hear, touch and smell, for we wouldn’t be able to have our own opinions if we didn’t and that would make life boring and a little pointless.]

To be frank, because I know I’m not going to find out if people didn’t really like my blog post it makes it easier to put it out there, most of the time this is one of the safest platforms to express yourself where the majority of readers that feel compelled to comment are nice people. Cyber bullying is to a minimum here. (Thank goodness!)

So I managed to write an appropriate letter that I hope has bought someone, somewhere, a moment of joy in a difficult time. I know that I’ll be making a habit of it if Finding Cyril repeat it yearly. It’s not too late for you to join me …

go on …

you know you should…


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